The Artist’s Statement

Life is full of limits. Time. Space. Finances. Mobility. For every new venture there is a new set of parameters. For each task there is a deadline. For everything created there are traditional steps to follow in the process.
_____Quilting is an age-old craft born of necessity. Quilts made use of every scrap of available fabric to make warm covers for beds and windows. It was the ultimate of recycling. But, even in the early days of quilting, crafters found the color and texture of fabric to be an art medium, and they organized their bits and pieces into colorful geometric puzzles. They found a source of comfort in creating beauty out of the ordinary, and an escape from the repetitive chore of everyday life.
_____Quilting is just such a retreat for me. Among the piles of fabrics there are limitless color combinations, boundless design possibilities and infinite new territories to explore. I design quilts in response to the world around me. I deal with trauma by quilting. I celebrate success by quilting. I can leave this earth when quilting. I choose which traditional rules to follow, and which ones to break – and sometimes invent guidelines just for the challenge.
_____This collection is a celebration of color, movement and light. Each quilt brings with it a story or statement, and each has filled a need in me to react to life. Not for recycling, these quilts, but a wonderful form of therapy.
__________- Katy Coleman